Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do you respond to your emails?

All things being equal, we will respond to every email within 24 hours, however, during peak periods like Christmas or Lunar New Year, there might be slight delays. Also during weekends, we may not respond as fast or may not respond at all. We are humans too.

Which payment method do you accept?

We use Paystack to receive all payments. This means that all local and foreign cards are accepted. In all our centres across Nigeria, you should NOT make any form of cash payments. Make all payments from inside your dashboard. There are occasions when we may not ship all your goods at once, from China to Nigeria. This means that the shipping fee you are required to pay will be for the part of your goods that we have shipped. When the second batch is ready, we will send you an email to pay directly to our corporate account. 

I am outside Nigeria; can I use Spreadit to order products from China?

Yes. We are able to collect payments from anyone via Paystack and are able to ship to any location across the world. 

Can I Cancel My Orders?

To cancel your orders, you need to consider the order status:

Pending - You can cancel the order freely and we will refund you within 48 working hours less the inconvenience fee of N100 (One Hundred Naira) and Paystack's 1.5% service charge for local cards or 3.9% for international cards.

On hold - You can cancel the order freely and we will refund you within 48 working hours less the inconvenience fee of N100 (One Hundred Naira) and Paystack's 1.5% service charge for local cards or 3.9% for international cards. The only exception to this is when we have already begun processing your orders at the China end. It is possible one out of the products you ordered are not available at the time of placing the order. We will alert you by placing the order on hold and explaining the situation. The best you can do will be to remove the product and re-submit your order. You cannot cancel the order. We will, of course, refund the money for the removed product. 

Approved - You cannot cancel the order.

Ready to ship - You cannot cancel the order.

In Transit - You cannot cancel the order.

Ready for Pick-up - You cannot cancel the order.

Completed - You cannot cancel the order.

What is your service charge rate?

The service charge rate is now 15% of the total value of the products' cost. This service charge covers Paystack processing fees: for local cards - 1.5% + N100 and capped at N2,000; for international cards - 3.9%. Spreadit bears these processing fees inside our service charge. For large wholesale orders, we offer special rates but the detailed rate depends on your orders. We consider orders above N2,000,000 (Two Million Naira) as large. Send an email to admin@spreadit.ng if your order is going to be above N2,000,000 (Two Million Naira).

Do you collect VAT (Value Added Tax)?

Yes, we do. The VAT is 5% of our service charge and not 5% of the total value of your goods.

Do you accept Bank Transfer payment?

We can accept bank transfer or cash lodgements into our account only for the scenario described in Which payment method do we accept? Apart from this scenario, we accept ONLY card payments via Paystack.

Can you guarantee that the products I ordered are authentic, original or genuine?

No. Our job is to ensure we buy exactly what you have ordered. We go ahead to do a superficial inspection of the products in our inspection centre in China to ensure there are no physical damages. We can get refunds from the sellers or purchase your products from other sellers. This also means that if you are importing battery powered products or electronic products, we will not test the functionality of these products. So, you need to be aware of this. We, however, have not experienced any case where battery-powered products, like wristwatches, do not work.

We recommend strongly that you attend any of our training so that you can learn how to choose products. This will save you from heartache arising from receiving products that do not look like what you saw online. Also bear in mind that when choosing shirts or suits, that Chinese sizes are usually smaller than your understanding of these sizes.

Can I return products and get a refund if I'm not satisfied with them?

No. Once your products arrive Nigeria, you cannot return them unless we clearly did NOT ship to you what you ordered. In this case, we will refund you FULLY.

When I adjust my order that is on hold, and have a refund, how I do I get it?

When we place your order on hold and you adjust it leaving you with a balance to be refunded, you will notice that the refund section in your dashboard will show that you have a refund. That refund will be paid into the bank account you have provided within 48 working hours.

Can I use the money in my refund account to place another order immediately?

No. Our system does not allow this at the moment. We will refund you and then you can place another order. What you see in your refund account is simply an information and not your money. We do not run a wallet system.

Can you find the cheapest supplier/product for me?

Yes. But this is a sourcing job and will be discussed separately. If you want us to help you with this, then send an email to admin@spreadit.ng.

Can you send my goods to my forwarder agent in China?

NO, We cannot do this. All orders are processed by Spreadit's trusted shipping partners.

How many shipping plans do you have?

We have three types of shipping plan:

Express Air Shipping: This is the fastest shipping plan as you will receive your goods, usually within 2 weeks or 3 weeks in the worst case scenario, from the time you order. The cost is N4,000 per kg. We only recommend this if it is really urgent. We do not recommend this if you are ordering a lot of items. For instance, 100kg worth of goods would cost you N400,000 (four hundred housand Naira) as shipping fee. This is expensive and so we do NOT recommend it.

Normal Air Shipping: This usually takes 3 to 4 weeks from the time of your order on our platform and costs N2,500 per kg. So, 100kg worth of goods would cost you N250,000 (Two hundred and seventy thousand Naira). 

Sea Freight: This usually takes 45 to 60 days and you are charged based on the space your goods occupy in the ship. Today, this rate is N76,000 per cubic meter.

Remember that this does NOT include shipping from our office in Lagos to you should you select home or office delivery.

Kindly note that these rates fluctuate and can change without notice to you.

How is Shipping Cost Calculated?

There are two costs that make up your shipping cost. The domestic shipping within China and the international shipping from China to Nigeria. We will add the shipping cost from the sellers to our office at Room 323 3/F Mingsheng Business Centre 12-20 Guangyang road, M. Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China  (domestic shipping) to the shipping cost that is calculated based on the shipping plan you selected at the time of placing your order (international shipping).

So, the total shipping cost of your order will be domestic shipping cost + international shipping cost, which is based on your shipping plan, which depends on the weight of your products. 

For clarity, here is how we will calculate; this is an example:

The weight of your goods = 10kg.

Domestic shipping cost = 100 Yuan = 100 x 60 = N6,000 (This is determined by adding all the domestic shipping costs from different sellers).

Shipping cost based on shipping plan = 10 x 2,500 = N25,000

Total shipping cost = N31,000.

Remember that this does NOT include shipping from our Lagos office to you should you select home or office delivery.

How can I save shipping cost?

As much as possible, order from as few sellers as possible. If you order different products, usually from many different sellers, you can be certain that your domestic shipping cost will be high. The reason is this: each seller will send the product you have ordered to us separately and this adds up to a substantial cost. For instance, you can order different products from not more than 5 different sellers. 

Secondly, try to order from sellers in the Guangdong region. This region is where our office in Guangzhou is located. This would reduce the transportation cost of your products to the barest minimum. The 1688 website shows you the location of each seller. You can even search for products by region. This is very important. This will also reduce the time it would take for your goods to get to us, usually within 48 hours from the time the seller ships

How do you calculate the weight of a shipment?

Sometimes, most people have difficulties understanding how the weight of their shipment is arrived at, especially if there is a difference between the weight of the shipment based on weighing scale measurements and that quoted by a shipping company. Standard shipping companies use two types of weights - Volume-weight and Scale Weight. They charge you based on either of the two weights, preferring the higher weight.

Now, here is the way it is determined:

Volume weight = (Length x Width x Height)/6,000

For instance:

Volume Weight for a package with these dimensions 60cm x 50cm x 70cm, will be 210,000/6,000 = 35. Now it is possible that the weighing scale weight of this package is 30kg; shipping companies would bill you based on 35kg and NOT 30kg. If, however, the weighing scale weight is higher than volume weight, say 37kg, they will bill you based on 37kg.

So, when your goods are ready to ship, we will update your records with the higher of the two weights just as the shipping companies would.

Are all stock information correct on 1688.com?

From our experience, over 90% stock information on 1688 is okay, especially those shops with a bullhead beside their names. This bullhead simply means that the shop has been certified by the Alibaba group. Note that 1688.com is Alibaba.cn. However, there are still shops who though they have run out of stock, continue to list products. This simply means that not all orders can be purchased immediately.

This also means that if we go ahead to order from a seller on 1688 and discover that the products are no longer available, we will immediately ask for a refund. This is not a cause for worry as 1688, as all Alibaba websites, run an escrow, which means that the money we paid to a seller can easily be refunded.

Can I import very big or heavy items through Spreadit.ng?

If you want to buy very big items like dinner tables, or machines which are heavy, you must consider the high domestic and international shipping costs. We suggest you leave out those. However, if you really want to import those, then send an email to admin@spreadit.ng.

How long does it take for pending orders to be approved?

Usually, all pending orders are attended to within 24 hours. This can lead to approval or placing on hold due to one issue or the other.

What usually leads to a pending order being placed on hold?

Pending orders are usually placed on hold when there is a price-quantity mismatch or when you have not paid attention to the minimum order quantity for a product. There is a minimum order quantity for each product. So, if the minimum order quantity is 3 and you order 1, we will place the order on hold, explaining what the issue is.

Again, if the unit price for a particular quantity is 10 and you input 8, we will place the order on hold. So, when ordering, pay attention to the price for each quantity range, so we don't place your order on hold. For products like hair, there are different prices for different lengths, so you must state the price that matches the exact length of hair you want to buy. Note also that most hairs are sold in bundles of 3 and the prices stated there are each of the bundles and not for the three. 

Furthermore, you must state in the product note or info section, the exact length of hair you are interested in and other things that will help us know for sure what exactly you want. If this is not clearly stated, we will likely place your order on hold. Note that the timeline we give really begins to count when we have approved your order. 

What can cause delays in processing or receiving my order?

First, China is big and there are some movements between cities that take up to 8 hours by air. So, depending on where the seller is located, and the speed of the courier company moving the goods to us, it can take some days for a particular product to get to our inspection centre.

Also, sellers may not have a product at the time of order but will not say. We usually find out after about 48 hours and then we have to ask for refunds and then inform you.

Delays may also arise from the shipping company that ships goods from China to Nigeria and issues with clearing your goods at the customs end.

Very importantly, since Nigeria, which is the major destination of most goods ordered on our platform, has no National Carrier, goods have to get to Ethiopia, usually, before being flown to Lagos. How fast or slow this process is depends entirely on Ethiopia Air or any of the other airlines our partner shipping companies use.

Note also that when you order a small number of products from suppliers, they usually respond more slowly than when the number of products ordered is a lot. It's worse if these products are cheap products. For instance, imagine ordering 5 pieces of a product that costs 1 Yuan each. This gives you 5 Yuan. While we know that the supplier has stated the minimum order quantity as 5, we have found that he or she would likely not take such orders as serious as he or she would an order of 100 pieces or 1,000 pieces of the product.

Is it possible for some of the products ordered not to be bought?

Yes. There are a few reasons why we may not be able to fulfill all your orders. This will mean that we will buy some and not buy some. For those products we are unable to buy, we will refund you when the rest of your products arrive. 

So, here are some of the reasons:

If a product does not have the exact colour a customer requested, we will NOT buy it. 

If the unit price of a product is slightly different from what a customer entered, we will go ahead to buy. But if the difference is much we will cancel that particular product or if it is a single product order, then we cancel the order. Even though an order has been approved, we have found, many times, that at the time of purchase, the supplier could refuse to sell at the originally displayed price. 

If the Minimum order quantity is higher than what the customer indicated for a particular product, we will cancel the product or order as the case may be.  Even though an order has been approved, we have found, many times, that at the time of purchase, the supplier could refuse to sell at the originally displayed minimum order quantity. 

If the exact size a customer requested is not available, we will cancel.

Please, note that we may not be able to tell you, all the time, why, exactly, we were unable to buy a particular product. The above points cover all the possible reasons.

Can I know the weight of my products when ordering?

For most products, you will not know the weight at the point of order, but for others, you'd find the weight right there in the product pages. So, most of the time you can't know the weight until we have bought your products and weighed them. 

How can I edit or delete a product?

Using a Phone

When creating an order and you want to edit or delete a product, you will find that the edit and delete icons are not visible, yet they are available. To reveal these icons, simply swipe your screen to the let. You can now edit or delete each product.

Using a Laptop

Scroll down to the base of the create order page and you will see a slider. Slide it to the right to reveal the icons. 

My order is on hold, what do I do next?

When your order is on hold, it simply means that there is an issue with it. Read the Admin's message in the message centre and in the email you received. Then click orders on hold to open the order. Click the eye icon to open the products. You will find a conspicuous blue Edit Products button. Click it and it will make the order editable. When you are done, you will be required to either add money to your order or you will be told how much you will receive as a refund. Click the place/update order button to complete the process and your product will go to pending. The admin will have to look at your order and approve if it is okay.

Is there an alternative to using FedEx for local shipping within Nigeria?

Yeah. We recommend that you ask someone to come to pick your goods on your behalf. You only need to send the person the email from us stating that your goods are ready for pick-up. Once the person shows us the email, we will call you to confirm that you really did send the person and then we release your goods. The person can now send the goods to you using any of the transport companies. This alternative is because FedEx costs can be quite high depending on the weight of your goods.

Is there a minimum amount that one can import with?

Absolutely! We will not process an import request with a cost of goods that is less than N10,000 (Ten thousand Naira only). If you attempt to place an order for less than N10,000 total cost of goods, our system will flag it and inform you to add more products.

Which goods attract the lowest shipping cost?

You should know that the cost of shipping anywhere in the world is determined by the weight of the shipment. We have already handled how this weight is determined. Having said that, products like wristwatches, hair, jewellery, etc., generally have very low weights. In fact, 10 wristwatches would usually give you a weight of 1kg. The same with hair - usually 10 bundles of hair would give a weight of 1kg and so on. Things like handbags, shoes (especially boots or shoes with heavy soles), are heavy and could make your shipping cost quite high. You can determine the approximate weight of your shipment by buying a weighing scale and testing out the weight of the kind of product you wish to import.

How do I know if a handbag is big or small?

When selecting handbags on 1688.com, you need to scroll down the product page to see the dimensions. Also look out for a picture of someone carrying the handbag as this would give you a clear idea of the size of the bag. This is important so that you are not disappointed by the size of the bag you import when you finally see it.

Can you help me to sell the goods I import?

No! However, once you register and activate your account, right on your dashboard, in the 'General Info' section, there is a 90-minute video that takes you by the hand to show you how to find quality products at the best prices. The facilitator, who is a leading online marketer in the country also offers a success club where you learn all you need to start making N1 million Naira in profit from your import business within 12 months. 

Do you have a detailed training on Mini Importation and how to use your platform?

Yes. Like we already said in the answer to the previous question, once you register, on your dashboard, you will find a detailed training on mini importation. One of the best training ever.

I already have a supplier; can you help with shipping?

Yes. For customers who want us handle only shipping for them, our shipping fees are: 

Cargo (7 to 10 working days from the time the goods leave our office in China): N2,800

Express (2 to 3 days from the time the goods leave our office in China): N4,000.

I have registered but did not receive an email from you; what could be wrong?

The most probable cause is that you did not enter a correct email address. You must make sure you enter the right email address to receive our activation email. We receive few email bounces because of incorrect email addresses.

Why is your exchange rate slightly higher than the official exchange rate? 

International trade is subject to fluctuations in forex. Also, bank charges and charges from our payment processor are some of the reasons for our slightly higher exchange rate.

What's the difference between Chinese shoe sizes and British shoe sizes?

Chinese shoe sizes are usually one digit smaller than British shoe sizes. So, if you wear 44, you should order 45 and so on.

What is the consequence of not paying for shipping or picking my goods within 72 working hours of receiving your emails?

While we labour to purchase and deliver all the products ordered by each customer, we find that this is not always possible. When we are unable to buy some products because of difference in available specs or product-out-of-stock issue, you will be notified and will get a refund. But when we ship your goods as 'full shipping' but one or two items are missing, we will be able to deal with this if:

A: You pay for your shipping within 3 working days of receiving the 'Ready to Ship' email and

B: You collect your goods within 5 working days of receiving the 'Ready for pick up' email.

When you delay in picking your goods and then discover that one or two items were not bought, we will be unable to handle this. This is because there is a time frame within which we can file complaints with a supplier on 1688 or any other website. Please, this is important.