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Our Services include

We Negotiate with Chinese Suppliers and OEMs on Your Behalf

If you are interested in importing a good quantity of a single item, say tyres, some type of machine, etc.; we will help you find and negotiate with Chinese suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and have the products shipped to Nigeria, while taking care of all customs requirements. This is handled outside of our standard ordering process for those buying from 1688.com. Simply send an email to admin@spreadit.ng.

We Help You Buy from 1688.com and Similar Chinese Websites

With our system, you only need to get the details of the products you want to buy from 1688.com, Taobao.com, etc, supply them to us inside your dashboard, pay us in Naira and we take over from there. We will buy these products, inspect them and ship to Nigeria, handle all customs requirements. Sign up or Log in to start creating your order.

We Can Handle Only Shipping For You

It's possible you already have your suppliers in China and would want us to now bring in your goods to Nigeria. No problem; we've got you covered. Simply send an email to admin@spreadit.ng telling us exactly what you want us to ship for you and one of our admins would reply as soon as possible. To have us purchase and ship for you, click 'Get Started' to register.

How it works

This import process is simply simple!

  • STAGE 1

    Translate Chinese to English

    Go to Google Translate. In the first box, make sure the language is English and in the second box, make sure the language is Chinese. Type the product category you want...
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  • STAGE 2

    Search for Products

    Go to 1688.com, paste 男襯衫 in the search box and find the products you want to import. To help you read the 1688 website, for Google Chrome users, right click on...
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  • STAGE 3

    Copy and paste link

    When you see the product you want to import, right click on the product and copy the link. Also you will need the following information: Item Name, Quantity, Size...
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  • STAGE 4

    Create your order

    On Spreadit.ng, create your account or log into your dashboard. Click ‘Create New Order’, give your order a name, tell us the category or categories of your order, and provide...
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  • STAGE 5

    Make payment

    Pay the computed amount in Naira including Spreadit Limited’s service charge. The service charge is 15% of the computed amount. Please, note that this does not cover the shipping cost for your goods. Once you pay, you...
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  • STAGE 6

    Your order is being reviewed by spreadit team

    We will have to approve your order by making sure that the details you filled in, especially the price and quantity are a perfect match. If the order is approved, we will set your...
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  • STAGE 7

    Product Inspection & Shipping notification sent to you

    Your products are received at our inspection centre in China and inspected. We need to do this as Chinese manufacturers could ship what we did not order. Delay in processing...
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  • STAGE 8

    Products Arrival Notification

    Your products arrive Nigeria and we notify you (Order Status: Ready for Pick-up). If you chose home/office delivery, our courier partners will deliver your products to you within...
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  • STAGE 9

    Process Completion

    At this point your order has been completed. All things being equal, these steps will be completed within 10 working days.
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  • STAGE 10

    Order process is closed

    The entire process is closed ...
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